About Alethia

Voted one of the “Top 25 Most Inspiring Women” by Called 2 Inspire Magazine, Alethia Tucker is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, reinvention strategist, and bestselling author. Regarded as one of the most influential voices of motivational speaking, Alethia impacts audiences worldwide with her message of encouragement and empowerment. has a passion for working with women in their middle years, and has developed and taught curriculum for college and career readiness, as well as life skills. In addition, Alethia has spoken on numerous conference and workshop platforms.

Alethia is a compelling thought leader who champions the success of women’s personal and professional empowerment, providing opportunities to use their gifts, talents, and voice. In line with her unyielding passion for helping women succeed, Alethia founded Jolease Enterprises, which offers strategies for reinvention by overcoming self-limiting thoughts, doubt, and fear. The mission is to help women realize their personal and shared power. She is also the host Leveling up the Podcast. The show focuses on topics that impact her community to include finance, health, faith, career and lifestyle.

Recognized as a well-known fixture in her community, Alethia participates in several volunteer projects, including supporting the homeless, student scholarship fundraising, church youth groups, and organizations which focus on enrichment programs for young ladies.

A Personal Message from Alethia:

“I believe with all of my heart our struggles as women can become so much easier when we realize we are not alone.”-

Alethia Tucker

If you’re like me you’ve had a moment — You’ve hit a point where you wonder “what have I done with my life?” You’ve made great accomplishments and have been blessed beyond measure to experience some awesome things; however, you wonder, “What does all of this amount to? Am I doing all that I’m supposed to do? Am I reaching my best me?”

Well, that time came for me about 4 years ago. I was on the brink of turning 50. I had an awesome job, dream family, and lifelong friends that all helped to make my life incredibly blessed. But, deep down I knew there was more.

Who would think that a bookmark would be the catalyst to changing my entire life?

As I approached 50, I began planning a party. I wanted a cute take-home gift for my guests. I jotted down 50 lessons that I learned over the years, and had them printed and laminated on bookmarks. To my surprise, they were a hit! The bookmarks were the subject of numerous conversations on the night of my celebration, and in the coming days many friends told me how inspiring they had been.

Those bookmarks were the catalyst to writing my first book, 50 Things That I’ve Learned On My Way to 50, and the beginning of a life changing shift. Writing the book launched a deep dive into emotions, beliefs and realizations that made me come face to face with so much of what was holding me back from reaching my fullest potential. Through the sometimes painstaking moments of writing, I came to the surprise realization that I was my biggest hindrance. I was so focused on perfecting me, that I missed the fact that the present me was enough.

As I began discovering more of me, a thought crossed my mind. How many other women are hindering their “best me?” What can I do to help?

My goal with Jolease Enterprises is to create a space of value for women… a valued space that fosters the opportunity to learn, to grow, to be affirmed, to encourage, to appreciate and to thrive in being who they are...because we are all enough just as we are.

Alethia Tucker