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About Alethia:

Alethia Tucker is an international motivational speaker, author and coach who speaks from her soul to to motivate and encourage her audiences. Believing that her journey is hers to live and her obligation to share as inspiration to others, she infuses her life into each talk. Her audiences are intrigued and encouraged as they recognize themselves in stories that she presents.

She is the visionary behind Jolease Enterprises. Here she works with women to develop the mindset, courage and determination needed to move them from feelings of frustration and failure to the powerful and empowered platform they need to operate from. It’s from this platform that her clients launch into a space where they can acquire the personal and professional life that they desire to have.

She is the author of two books, 50 Things I’ve Learned on My Way to 50 and Speaking My Truth. Her first book, 50 Things I’ve Learned on My Way to 50, provides a glimpse into Alethia’s life, sharing valuable lessons she learned as she approached middle age. She manages to find revelation in life’s experiences and shares the knowledge she has acquired through story and scripture. Her stories will cause you to reflect, make you laugh, and help you to see the value and the joy in life’s journey no matter the age. In her second book, Speaking My Truth, Alethia along with 40 other authors tell stories of resilience and perseverance.

Frequently delivering training and workshops, Alethia takes a wholistic approach, believing that the entire person has to be taken into account. Moving into the space where you can thrive professionally requires a look at all areas that touch the decisions that need to be made. Her programs all begin with CORE work (mindset, emotions and abilities). From the CORE she moves to the other factors contributing and supporting the desired results of her clients. Her one on one and group coaching programs are designed provide blueprints to secure personal and professional goals. Alethia has over 25 years of experience in marketing and human resources. Also, she holds a masters in Human Resources and is both a certified Life and Career Coach.

Alethia established the Journey Society as a community of women dedicated to elevating and helping one another to thrive! The strength of each woman’s journey is what inspired her to create small group meetings that she calls Journey Shares. Knowing that community is important to the support women need, these meetings are designed to encourage women to gather, share their stories, and provide the valuable insight that’s unearthed when women share lessons from their journeys.

Level Up the Podcast with Alethia Tucker, was launched to further provide tools and resources for personal development. Alethia’s guests include women from all walks of life. Each episode focuses on providing insight on everything from maneuvering day to day life to career and personal development.

Speaking Topics:

Triggers, Trauma and Triumph

We all have impactful things that occur in life. The type of impact differs. How we react and how we use our experiences can either build us up or spiral us to a stuck position. Alethia takes you through such a time in her life, and she tells you how to come out the victor and not the victim.

Moving to the Rhythm of Reinvention

There comes a time in life when many of us find ourselves at a crossroads. Life is going well and all feels good. We're moving through the ebb and flow of life and then we realize that something isn't right. As a matter of fact it's so wrong that it has thrown our rhythm off. We don't even like the song anymore. Perhaps it's time for a new song, a new job, a new life. The change brings about a new song, and to be successful we have to move to a new rhythm.​

Plug Into Your Journey...Maneuvering Life on Lessons Learned

Alethia tells the story behind 50 Things I've Learned on My Way to 50 and she shares some of her favorite lessons from the book. She shares on the importance of embracing your experiences and the admonishes you to Plug Into Your Journey.

​Leading Like a Lady

Today's leaders are those who can affect the most positive change. It's true, there is a gap between salaries and positions for men and women; however, women don't have to conform to the norm to have success and be an impactful leader. We have qualities and the capacity to initiate change, bring about reform and snatch a place at the top. The beauty of it all is we can still remain a lady in the process.

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